Parents don’t be lazy and have your kid on a leash, leashes are for animals or people who get off on it. It really degrades your children, I see them all the time at the stores or park. Parents let me ask you this… Are you that much of a lazy fuck you can’t move your big ass and keep up with them? Jesus I mean come on! Ban the leash I say for your kids sake and yours.



Okay guys, some of you don’t like to bath or wear something to cover up that funk. Let me ask you this… *clears throat* do you not believe in soap? Do you honestly think that chicks or guys dig smelly ass guys? Did someone not tell you that. NO ONE WANTS A SMELLY GUY.
If you know you smell badly why do you proceed to go out and assault the innocent? By assault I mean brining your funk into a tightly closed space! My nose has been assaulted on numerous times to the point I want to gag. (by now your thinking “fuck where does he live”) the stank is all around us (pun intended) but I digress.

Moving on to guys who put on WAY TOO MUCH axe or other scent’s. Why must you feel like you need to bathe in it? Less is always more please remember that. Granted I’ve been by guys who smells like he just got off the jersey shore bus. Too much axe is bad for the ozone and our noses! Please guys use baby sprays. Your not putting out a fire with the shit okay? The bottom line of this piece is that. WASH YOUR DAMN ASSES!!!! The world is ugly we don’t want it to smell ugly too okay?


Why does music define you?

If you listen to artist such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Lady GaGa. That means you’re gay right?
Honestly I don’t buy that bullshit. Yes those artist has a huge gay following but to a straight person to like them as well does that make the straight person gay? No it doesn’t, music is for your enjoyment and brighten up your day and etc. music doesn’t make you have sex or anything of the sort. So to say “you like them? Oh that makes you gay.” that statement is false. Music doesn’t define you. Music doesn’t
Make you gay. So to the people who like “gay artist’s” more power to you!
I like a shit ton of so-called gay artists and I am straight as can be. Just saying don’t let music define you into something you’re not.

teenage girls

dear teenage girls, you girls think its cute to wear a ton of make-up and make those stupid annoying duck faces. well down here on earth, everyone think it looks stupid and makes you look like a complete idiot. having bleached blonde hair (to the point of almost white) and dark goth make up covering your eyes and lips is not in any way cute at all. please take the time to look in the mirror and really look at yourself…. moving on from looks onto talking. using that ke$ah tone (fried talking) is a complete waste of the english language and very harmful for the ears. fried talking doesn’t make you sound smart. just a singer who talks like that in her music (which ke$ah doesn’t talk like that) doesn’t mean you have to talk like that in everyday life. people say that the children is our future….. if that’s the case we are fucked!


Dear L.L.W (large lovely women),
Why do you think it’s okay to wear something very tight or short clothes that make you look twice as big? Don’t you know that you get made fun of?
Don’t you know it doesn’t look good?
Don’t you know that no man will want to talk to an eyesore? Let’s be real here ladies wear something that is flattering to your lovely figure okay? There are some women who dress themselves in such a manor. Please ladies do yourself the favor and check the mirror or ask somebody “does this look good?” that’s all I’m saying of the

Korean pop music

Korean pop music or also known as “Kpop” many Koreans believe its making a mega impact here in the states. “Kpop is going to rule the world!” “Kpop will show America true pop music” many fans of Korean singers actually said those comments
Granted some Kpop singers are really good that I will admit. But these fans fail to realize that once their artist debuts in America with an english song it no longer counts as Kpop But I digress. With the likes of girls generation, wonder girls and BoA they had little to none success here in the states. Their music is not being played on the radio their music videos are not being shown on tv here. Almost all of America doesn’t know of such artist. If you went around asking people “do you know of big bang?” people will just laugh and say “is that a new action movie?” see Already Kpop is a joke in America. Like boy band Heart2Heart produced by lance bass. They have mimicked Kpop fashion and style and made a joke about it. The bottom line here is. Americans don’t want to see Asians trying to sing in broken English or engrish. We don’t want to see their neon colored clothes that makes them look like Lisa Frank threw up all over them or looking like the walked off the set of a different world. They will be the but of many jokes, they will be laughed out of the country and back into Seoul.